Through commitment to aesthetics and quality, functional and technical efficiency, based on numerous experiences in equipping and renovating public buildings and government institutions of different countries, in accordance with the purpose of the building, we will enrich them with exclusivity, strength, character, friendliness, excellence.
The company's philosophy is consistency in providing services to the client, in a relationship that is personal, direct and open. We are committed to new, fresh ideas and concepts, but with a high degree of respect for style and details that have emotional and historical value.
More than most of the other facilities, hospitals need a new and fresh interior, which will reflect health, happiness and hope, as opposed to illness and suffering. By creating such an environment, the patient's desire to fight for health and a better tomorrow can be encouraged. The new, fresh and colorful environment of the hospital can inspire a friendly and optimistic atmosphere, and its visitors desperately need, along with adequate service and treatment.
The most demanding project that we have contracted and successfully implemented is the complete interior decoration of the newly built Moscow Philharmonic within the Zaryadye Park complex, near the Red Square. Enterijer Janković decorated large and small concert hall and public areas.