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The company, founded 30 years ago in Novi Sad by Mr. Božo Janković, has a wide range of services and production activities in the field of interior design and decoration in domestic and international markets. Today, the company is able to realize your every idea of a perfectly decorated space, starting from conceptual design, major interior projects and 3D visualizations, through production, including coordination, organization and supervision of all interior works and equipment on a turnkey basis.
The company's headquarters is in Novi Sad and covers an area of more than 40.000 m², including the modern administrative building with a showroom and production plants.
Enterijer Janković has a certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018), Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001: 2015), as well as numerous test reports and certificates proving excellent performance, safety and product quality.Technical certificates are issued by prestigious institutes and accredited laboratories, including Warrington (England), Ift (Germany), CSTB (France), Požtest (Russia), ZAG (Slovenia), Euroinspekt drvokontrola, IGH and LTM (Croatia) and IMS (Serbia).


Customer wishes

The company's priority are customer’s wishes, expectations and needs. Enterijer Janković is able to meet a variety of requirements related to the design, shape and dimensions of products (piece of furniture, door, window or fully equipped building).


Quality of workmanship

A strict control system in accordance with European standards and quality norms has been introduced in all production plants. All employees take care of the product quality but our process quality controllers have a special merit.


High level of technical norms

Energy efficiency, sound insulation, anti-burglary, fire resistance, and resistance to climate change are just some of the characteristics of the quality of the company's products and services, as evidenced by the certificates of accredited European laboratories.

Behind a great product are always great people!

There are 700 of us. We are growing and developing. Together we learn and move forward with confidence and steady steps.
We are a team of architects, wood processing engineers, mechanical and civil engineers, economists, managers, and highly qualified craftsmen. We work together to create a useful and beautiful product, shape wood, give warmth to a space, paint a space.
We are Enterijer Janković, its strength and skills. We have achieved success through teamwork, effort and exchange of ideas, experiences, knowledge.

"Enterijer Janković is a company that deals with interior design and production, from the conceptual design to the execution of turnkey projects. I have been dealing with interiors all my life, it is my profession, my craft, my life. I am pleased to have created a global company."
- Božo Janković, president of the group, general director

A company with a lot of experience and expertise gained in meeting the requirements ofclients around the world.


This organizational unit of the company sees every challenge as a chance for success and development, and succeeds thanks to specialized teams of engineers in the field of construction, architecture, mechanical engineering and wood processing with extensive knowledge and experience in interior design. Enterijer Janković has professional teams for the European Union, United Kingdom, Russia, United Arab Emirates and countries in the region. The quality of Enterijer Janković products is also confirmed by accredited institutes from the EU, the UK and Russia, which is confirmed by a large number of technical certificates.


Production turns every idea and desire into a work of art. By applying the latest processing technologies, equipped with CNC machines and empowered with 30 years of experience in woodworking, this sector of the company markets top quality products. The heart of the production sector is the established process control system, which ensures perfect visual appearance and perfect functionality of each element produced in the Enterijer Janković production plant.


Designing is partly the knowledge and skill acquired through many years of work and experience, and partly the art of landscaping. We are looking for something new and unusual in order to be original, atypical, avant-garde, without compromising the functionality of the space. Interior design is performed in order to shorten the implementation process, to speed up and more easily organize the process of execution of works in the field of renovation and arrangement, and includes several phases: conceptual design, preliminary design and main design.

Enterijer Janković

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