Enterijer Janković

Production turns every idea, idea and desire into a work of art. By applying the latest wood processing technologies, equipped with CNC machines and empowered with 30 years of experience in wood processing, this sector of the company sells its top quality products to the end customer. The heart of the production sector is the established process control system, which ensures the perfect visual appearance and perfect functionality of each element produced in the production plants of Enterijer Janković. The production sector consists of several modern plants for the production of doors, windows, interior elements and metal and stone products.



Our first product

Doors are the first product that was made more than two decades ago, in the then small carpentry workshop, and today in the large international company, Enterijer Janković. Doors are, in a way, our first love. Different rules apply to different types of doors in terms of construction, technology, materials, etc. Depending on the type of door and its specific requirements, our designers and constructors propose a solution that will ensure long-term quality and functionality.

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Natural lighting

The basic function of the window is to provide a pleasant atmosphere, lighting with natural light and protection from external influences. Enterijer Janković produces wooden windows, wood-aluminum windows and hotel windows. The windows are made of laminated wood. We can help you design windows that will respond to the conditions of the space in which they are installed, with a design that matches your preferences.

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Made of wood and in combination with other materials

Enterijer Janković specializes in the design and manufacture of individually designed interior elements made of wood and wood in combination with various other materials. We can make the elements according to your idea and detailed technical specification. Your piece of furniture will be unique, made just for you. We are able to make individual interior elements but also to decorate the entire room. The choice is yours.

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Responding to the most complex customer requirements

The vision of EJ AluStone doo is to meet the most complex requirements and provide luxury products that have certified and proven quality. The imperative is a satisfied client who will be our partner in the long run. Our offer is reflected in the ability to meet all requirements.
Stone - production and installation of all types of interior and exterior elements, from natural (marble, granite or quartzite) and artificial stone (Lapitec, Dekton, Silestone, Santa Margarita)
Windows - production and installation of windows made of aluminum and wood-aluminum program Uniform. There is a possibility to choose the finish.
Water jet cutting services of all types of materials (stone, plastic, metal) that enable the most precise cutting, such as marquetry.

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Production plant for manufacture of metal products

Within our production facilities, we also have a production plant for products made of metal, aluminum, stainless steel and materials that are combined with them. In addition to doors and windows, we can offer you all other types of metal and aluminum structures, including facades - glazed curtain walls, fences, etc. Professional designers will respond to your request quickly with the ideal technical solution.

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