Engineering is synonym for professional and proactive project management  at all markets of the world. This organizational body of the company turns customer requests in visual and real solutions, professionally coordinate with all activities, from the creation of conceptual solution to the execution of works and  responds to the most complex needs of the clients. Engineering treats every challenge as a chance for success and development and succeeds with specialized teams of engineers for construction, architecture, mechanical engineering and wood processing with great knowledge and experience in the area of interior decoration.

Engineering has the most demanding role in the company. After contracting, coordination of all activities in the field of successful realization of the project belongs to this sector. Engineering functions on the basis of project teams that are divided into certain markets. The head of each team is a project manager who is responsible for managing and fulfilling of the dynamic work plan. Enterijer Janković has professional teams for the European Union, United Kingdom, Russia, United Arab Emirates and countries from the region.

The project manager has in his team assistants on the project, most commonly the designer and site manager as his right hand for performance of execution works and assembly. After verification of samples and drawings, the production is the next step. Each production phase involves quality control process of the production elements. After the approvement of function and final supervision over the quality of the ready-made product by the Quality service, packaging and discharge are organized to the place of the installation.

The project manager as the head of the project team is responsible for the implementation of the project and in the period of validity of the guarantee. The quality of goods of Enterier Janković is confirmed by accredited institutes from European Union, United Kingdom and Russia, which is confirmed by a large number of technical certificates.