Idejno rešenje:

Conceptual design:

1. Defining the project task
2. Development of the conceptual design in variants, mood boards
3. Selection of a variant for further development
4. Development of the conceptual basis with furniture placement
5. Creating a 3D visualization of interior solutions of specific areas

Project design:

1. Basics with furniture placement
2. Organizational basics showing the processing of floor coverings
3. Ceiling basics with lighting placement
4. Basics with the placement of electric installations
5. 2D representations – vertical cross-sections, wall appearance, and details



Main design:

1. All attachments from the project design in the appropriate large scale
2. Surface labeling and materialization
3. Labeled and drawn details in suitable scale
4. Complete specification of materials and equipment for ordering

For all necessary information and explanations regarding the start and design of your space, and for the necessary documentation or details, please contact our team of experts who will provide you with all the necessary advice and information.