Production – turns every idea, concept, and desire into a work of art. Using the latest element processing technologies, equipped with CNC machines and empowered with 25 years of experience in wood processing, we sell our top quality products to the end customer. The core of the production sector is the established process control system, which ensures a perfect visual appearance and functionality of each element produced in factories of Enterijer Janković. The production sector is made up of several modern plants for manufacturing doors, windows, interior elements and metal products.


Entrance doors give the first impression of what can be found behind them. Therefore, one should be careful and honest when selecting them. Doors keep the secrets and the warmth of the home. One can walk through millions of doors in one's lifetime, but only the best of them are remembered and desired in one's own home. Enterijer Janković has countless subjective and several objective reasons to claim that doors are an extremely important element of each home. The above mentioned piece of joinery is the first product manufactured more than two decades ago by Enterijer Janković, in the then small carpenter's workshop which is now a large international company. Doors are, in a way, the first love of this company. We like all of them equally – both the simple ones and the luxurious, very complex ones – our experienced workers pay equal attention to all of them.


There are different rules for different types of doors when it comes to their structure, technology, materials, etc. Depending on the type of doors and specific requirements, our designers and constructors suggest a solution, which will ensure long-term quality and functionality. Enterijer Janković invests significant funds in product development. Examining the fire-proofness of doors for different periods of time (30, 60 and more minutes), examining their burglar-proof characteristics, their acoustic features, influence of climate changes on the product, water- and air-tightness, wind-tightness –are only some of the tests we continuously conduct both at national and international institutes. The company is currently developing its first product in accordance with the trends, norms and requirements of the market where it will be placed.


Windows fill all spaces with sunlight and fresh air, and enable a person to observe their suroundings from their own home.

The main function of this type of joinery is to provide an interior with a pleasant atmosphere and natural light and to protect it from external influences. It may sound simple, but it is a fact that window manufacturing requires specific knowledge, skills and experience. The information that, on average, about 25% of energy is lost from buildings through doors and windows proves the significance of their technical performances. If one adds to this their important aesthetic function as well, the decision on the selection of an adequate window becomes more difficult. With Enterijer Janković, you can save time because we can help you design windows whose performances will meet the requirements of the buildings they are installed into, and whose design will meet all your desires.


Enterijer Janković manufactures windows of laminated lumber in IV68, IV78 and IV90 systems. The lumber used for the manufacture of laminates is artificially dried and conditioned for the relative humidity of 10%-12%. Faces are made of one solid piece of lumber, whereas the interior parts are joined longitudinally. This mode of manufacturing achieves maximum stabilization of the lumber and prevents all further deformations.

We suggest glass characteristics in accordance with the building characteristics. The right choice of the type of glass, as well as of the window frame, enables different degrees of energy efficiency, sound proofness and other required window features. The hardware which we suggest is the highest-quality hardware manufactured by world’s top manufacturers. Window finishing is performed in accordance with the procedure which provides a long-term protection of the wood.


Wooden windows enrich the room, providing it with warmth and elegance. Apart from their good visual effect, they also have excellent technical features. They provide very good insulation and reduce water condensation to the minimum. Wooden windows have been used for centuries and you can be sure of their longevity if you maintain them properly and regularly. Wooden elements of joinery are frequently connected to the classic interior design. Nevertheless, modern architecture provides us with many different possibilities, and Enterijer Janković offers an unlimited choice of designs, shapes and colours of wooden windows, so that they can fit in different styles of interior design. Also, you must not forget the qualities and advantages of wood as a material which is given to us by nature.


This is an ideal combination of natural beauty of wood and excellent technical characteristics of aluminium, which protect the window from weather and passage of time. This practically means that we have taken the best of both worlds and combined it into one thing – wooden and aluminium windows. The charm of it lies in the fact that you can still enjoy the warmth and pleasantness of wooden windows from within your home, and that, on the other hand, you do not have to worry about frequent maintenance of your windows. Wooden and aluminium windows are warm and natural on the interior side, where you do not have to worry much about weather conditions. On the other hand, aluminium placed on the window exterior protects the wood from weather conditions, which provides multi-decade protection, functioning and immaculate appearance of your windows, without any need for repainting. The aluminium part of the window can be plasticized with paint according to a RAL card or paints which imitate the colour and structure of wood.


Enterijer Janković specializes in design and production of individually designed interior elements made of wood, as well as a combination of wood and various other materials. These elements can be manufactured according to your idea and detailed technical specifications. On the other hand, we can offer our own idea which meets your needs. Furthermore, we are able to produce individual interior elements, as well as to furnish the entire room. The choice is yours. We would be glad to show you many items we have built and installed in various facilities all around the world, but keep in mind that these were designed for someone else. The interior element such as your piece of furniture will be unique, designed especially for you.

ALU metal

Enterijer Janković is proud to emphasise and argue the work of its development centre. Apart from the wood industry, due to the consumer interest, the company is expanding its ambitions towards a different, but also very complex, branch of industry – the metal industry.

Within its manufacturing facilities, the company also has a facility for the production of products made of metal, aluminium, stainless steel and of materials combined with them. Since the company started its business by manufacturing joinery, Alumetal can design, manufacture and install metal doors and windows in your space, regardless of the purpose and type of the facility. In the short time since its inception, the new product range of Enterijer Janković has obtained certificates which prove a high quality and functionality of products made of metal in terms of fire-proof, anti-theft and acoustic performances.

Apart from the doors and windows, Enterijer Janković can also offer all other types of metal and aluminium structures, including, first of all, facades – glass walls, fences, etc. Our professional constructors will quickly respond to your request with the solution which is ideal both in technical and aesthetical terms. The facade speaks volumes about the character of a building, therefore, it must provide the functionality and style to the space behind it. Before making even one step towards the entrance, everyone's eye is first caught by the exterior. Metal structures provide a sense of stability, safety and seriousness to all buildings. The decision is yours, and its realization is our challenge.