Space is all around us, but not everyone has the skills to get the best from it. Enterijer Janković is a company which has confidence in itself and its expertise, which is experienced and confident about the skills and abilities of its employees who design for you.

Through our devotion to aesthetics and quality, as well as functional and technical efficiency, and on the foundation of numerous experiences in furnishing and renovating public buildings and government institutions of different countries, in accordance with the purpose of the building, we will bring exclusivity, power, character, comfort, and excellence. The company philosophy is consistency in providing services to the client and having a personal, direct, and open relationship with the client. We are committed to new, fresh ideas and concepts, but with a high level of respect for style and details that have emotional and historical value.

Hospitals, more so than many other buildings, are in need of new and fresh interior design which will reflect good health, happiness, and hope, as opposed to sickness and suffering. By creating such an environment, patients can be encouraged to fight for their health and for a better tomorrow. New, fresh, and colorful environment can bring the friendly and optimistic atmosphere to a hospital, which is essential both to the hospital and to its visitors, together with proper service and treatment.