Hotel program

Through its culture and acquired tradition, Enterijer Janković developed the feeling and aspiration to provide a pleasant and unforgettable stay to all guests, visitors, and passers-by. With this sentiment, the acquired skill, and a different approach to each project, Enterijer Janković offers to each client a unique solution based on their ideas, style, surroundings, standards, and budget.

It is believed that interior design of hotels is the art of attracting service users’ attention in a special way, resulting in their increased interest. The experience of Enterijer Janković is based on its participation in dozens of jobs involving design and furnishing of hotel interiors. Carefully selected and incorporated details of the interior will provide guests with a cosy atmosphere and positive experience of staying in this ambience, and the hotel management with a sense of pride.

The professional team of Enterijer Janković Inženjering, always comprising science, creativity and experience, through its dedication to details and persistent work, provides a complete service of interior design, implementation, and furnishing within the hotel program.