Albero program

For two decades now the company Enterijer Janković has been providing exclusive joinery and interior elements for buyers with refined taste. It has successfully completed more than a thousand projects throughout Europe and the world, which are described as top design solutions and luxurious designs of buildings of high class and categorization – prestigious hotels, public and government institutions, offices, residences…

Synonyms for Enterijer Janković are top quality standard, specific design, exclusivity, and professionalism. After twenty years of tradition, seeking to offer even more, and paying attention to the evolution of clients’ desires and expectations, the company has decided to meet the needs of another target group, by placing on the market a whole new product line called Albero. Albero product line is designed in order to satisfy customers’ needs for standard, aesthetic, high quality but cost-effective products.

Confident in its competitive and leadership skills, Enterijer Janković has modernized its production facilities by introducing the most advanced technological units in the production process of Albero items, with a unique purpose – to maintain high production quality, increase efficiency and enhance its product range with cost-effective and modern products, through rational constructions, recognizable design and modern materials.

The quality of the Albero production program is supported by numerous technical certificates issued by accredited European institutes in the field of fire-resistance, acoustics, anti-theft systems, climate class and the CE mark.
The aforementioned technical certificates are proof of the high classification and exceptional overall performance of Albero product range. If you want a modern product design, a high quality product made of modern materials, which is also cost-effective, in addition to a quick response and short delivery period, your only real choice is Albero!